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12 April
You're Invited to a Complimentary Webinar With Brad Winter


We are thrilled to have Brad Winter joining us for our next session in our complimentary webinar series. Brad is a well-connected, experienced real estate expert representing Ohio’s current and future homeowners. As a lifelong resident of Ohio, not only does Brad understand the housing market, he understands the numerous intangible benefits of life in this region.

In this one hour virtual presentation Brad will touch on the following Real Estate Topics:

    • Brief overview of the Columbus Real Estate Market as it stands today
    • Where are market is headed over the next 12-36 months
    • Addressing the NAR Lawsuits that has been in the news around Realtor compensation from consumers 
    • The importance of establishing your team of professionals to help you buy real estate 
    • How you should position your home to sell in today's era of real estate

**This seminar is for information purposes only. Guest speakers and their firms are not affiliated with or endorsed by PAS, Guardian, or Lifetime Financial Growth and opinions stated are their own.

2024-172163 Exp. 04/13/24

Date and Time

Fri, Apr 12, 2024

12:00p - 1:00p EST


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